Who We Are

We are a social enterprise committed to recovery and regeneration through vocational training, wellness and life skills training. 

Who We Serve

We serve women acute trauma survivors and survivors of sex trafficking.

Our Mission

"The mission of Regeneration Vision Center is to provide personal and financial independence through vocational training and jobs in a safe recovery and working environment for survivors of human trafficking and acute trauma."



Outreach to survivors & Strengthen Collaborative Efforts

Through multiple collaborations, and resources the Vision Center empowers and expands the abilities of current community outreach efforts to inform a survivor of vocational resources, social services and other community partners that are available to assist in their recovery.

The Vision Center is committed to strengthening partnerships between the Las Vegas, Nevada service providers, law enforcement local agencies and any other global collaborative efforts to end human trafficking and help survivors. 


Safe Place 

The Vision Center provides a safe place for survivors to learn life skills and obtain vocational training in order to achieve both recovery and independence. 



The Vision Center collaborates with other community partners to increase the general publics awareness about human trafficking and employs survivors as both trainees and trainers/mentors. 


Vocational Skills 

The Vision Center will provide on the job training including life skills in a collaborative, team environment.

Regeneration Enterprises Incorporated began with a vision of a healing place for women recovering from acute trauma and sex trafficking to learn life skills, financial independence and vocational training in a collaborative-safe work environment. We believe that survivors can earn to learn and find their purpose and healing through meaningful work.